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PikView version 0.9.1 released
4 June 2001

Bug fixes and a few updates

WARNING: I've changed the name of the execuatable to "pv" (from "pikview")
For two reasons:

  • pv is quicker to type
  • "pik" has some unfortunate meanings in some languages (see later)
So please make sure you uninstall pikview before installing this version. At the very least check in the about box that you are using version 0.9.1 before sending bug reports.


  • Executable name change (see above)
  • Internationalized the code (i18n). Translations welcome
  • Mouse wheel can be used to select next/previous image
  • Mouse wheel can be used to scale the image (wth Ctrl key)
  • Added mouse panning
  • Fixes relating to building with recent versions of ImageMagick
App name / Translations
As stated above I've changed the name of the executable to "pv", mostly to avoid the word "pik" which is slang for the male reproductive organ in at least Dutch and Danish. I find this highly amusing but understand it might be hard to explain to your Grandmother when the splash screen appears before a slide show of your holiday snapshots.

For this reason I want to change the name of the application (as shown on the splash screen, about box etc.) for certian languages where this is a problem. I'd rather only have one alternative version to cut down of the number of splash screens etc.

Candidates for the new name in affected languages are "piktView", "pictView", "picView". I prefer "piktView" if that doesn't sound too bad. Comments, suggestions welcome.

General application translations are welcome as there is now a pikview.pot file.

Thanks to all those people who emailed me about various issues. I'm sorry I haven't replied to all of you (I've been very busy). I'll try to get back to you when I have some time.
PikView version 0.9.0 released
11 March 2001

After too long a time and a lot of requests, finally a new version...

This is a development version. However, there are very few known bugs on my system (RedHat-7.0). There will doubtless be a few configuration and packaging problems on other peoples machines. Let's hear about them!

I'll produce rpm packages for other systems when it settles a bit.

Please let me know if it works on your (non RedHat-7.0) system.

  • Major alterations and rewrites for KDE2 support (There are now less lines of code for a stack of new features - thanks to some new QT classes from the Trolls)
  • Drag-and-drop moving / copying inside PikView and to/from Konqueror
  • Watches for updates to directories
  • ImageMagick >5.2 support
  • Improved geometry management
  • Can rename items in thumbnail view
  • Delete key deletes selected images
  • New undocumented key combinations
  • Konqueror embedding - view images with PikView inside Konqueror (Zoom, Pan, Rotate etc)
  • Streamlined code
  • Other stuff I can't remember
  • No updates to the documentation have been made yet

PikView version 0.8.2 released
1 April 2000

  • New image formats PSD (PhotoShop), TGA
  • Can now drop images onto the viewer
  • Now opens database files on readonly filesystems
  • RMB option to show/hide the selector
  • Added F1 for help in viewer
  • Added F5 to refresh the directory view
  • Bugfix for transparent images
  • Bugfix for error given when moving files across filesystems
  • Fix problem of making thumbnails of bad gifs

24 March 2000

A few people have asked me how you get out of the viewer window into something else.

Press the Enter key.

I will make this a Right-Mouse-Button option in the next release. Note that you can configure which windows appear at startup via the Options menu.

PikView version 0.8.0 released
21 March 2000

PikView is an image viewer which uses the KDE libraries.

For more information check out the items in the General menu.

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